What, No Sun This Morning?


Ok, I’m cheating. This shot wasn’t taken ‘this’ morning, but it was taken ‘in the morning’. I took it about a week ago and the morning was not unlike today’s, grey and overcast, cool and breezy, a good day to be indoors.

It’s different than a number of more recent mornings, days where the sun is in full bloom as soon as it peaks over the horizon. Or mornings, like below, where even though the sun’s full glory is not known immediately it’s evident you will witness it soon.


Now, isn’t there a larger sense of optimism in the lower shot?

But regardless of the sun, whether it’s in or out, I must walk. It needs to become part of my routine, and shortly I may do it on my bike. It’s all uphill but sometimes our days are like that.

I went all out today walking from Maureen’s school back to our home. I’m estimating about 6.5 k or thereabouts. I have stopped for coffee to break up the trek but I’ll be on my way shortly, as soon as I’m done talking to you.

Here’s a couple more shots, as the others were, taken with my phone. Also as this is written. Hope you enjoy!



A Little Car’d Out – Portland Swap Meet

I’ve just returned from my trip to the Portland Swap meet, and while I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I’m glad I went, I am equally happy to be home.

The swap meet ran from Apr. 5 – 7, and their website describes the event as:

Presented by six Portland Oregon area antique car clubs, The Portland Swap Meet is the largest auto parts swap meet on the west coast with approximately 3,500 vendor stalls and over 50,000 shoppers each April at the Portland Expo Center.

On the drive down we saw some really cute chicks.

I went down to Spokane with a friend on the afternoon of Thursday the 4th. It was a nice day to drive and in one of the stores on the way down we saw some really cute chicks. I told my wife, “don’t worry we didn’t touch”.

On Friday morning we connected with others in Spokane to drive to Portland together. The group I was travelling with are all long term members of the Dukes Hot Rod club, based in Spokane.

The drive down to Portland took us through the Tri-Cities and followed along the mighty Columbia river. The area is sometimes known as the Gorge and as we traced the Columbia river valley I was struck by the beauty and vivid greens of the mosses and foliage that was already evident on the trees. Please be forgiving on some of the photos, I was taking them while we were moving down the road.

The hills were so green and made me think of Ireland or Scotland, not that I’ve ever been.
The Columbia river is used as a transportation route for the area. A number of barges and some other ships were seen.

20130405-3209Just as the Columbia entered Portland there were many houseboats moored at the roadside Marinas.

Our first day was only a part day as we arrived just after lunch and by the time we checked in and then moved to the fairgrounds it was early in the afternoon. It was still a long afternoon and my feet and back were feeling it by the end.

By the end of the second day I was pooped. Walking and standing all day on concrete or asphalt and studying all the ‘interesting’ things pretty much did me in. Good thing we took the odd ‘Miller time’ break while we were there.

The trip home was also uneventful and we stopped along the way at a rest stop to water the horses. I was able to get out and take a few photos without the movement of the car.

All in all I had a great time with a bunch of super guys. I had enough car stuff for a little while anyway and while I’m somewhat re-enthused for all things automotive I still have so many other interests I’ll have to be careful.

Bottom line, if you like car stuff and swap meets I’d recommend this venue. Just take comfortable shoes, and a pocket full of cash.

Happy Birthday Madden

The last couple days have been pretty busy and the buildup to the party and subsequent “Happy Birthday Madden” was not without some stress. I guess such is the often the case when you want something to go well and you hope your planning will be for naught. We are spending some time in Kelowna so we can help wherever we can.

birthday cake, birthday, cake, 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Madden
Madden’s 1st birthday cake

The cake making and decorating went well with Ayron’s friend Ashley taking on the decorator role. The ever present “Thomas the Train” theme was the inspiration and she did an awesome job here. Watching her do her magic was enlightening, and it confirmed my thought that decorating is best left to those with steady hand and some kind of artistic ability, neither of which I have in great abundance.

I will post a few photos here for now and the majority will be put in the Gallery once I get home. I may attempt doing so from Kelowna but I’m thinking it may not go as well as hoped. Time will tell.

Here’s Madden after his first cupcake solo, no assistance required. There was some initial prompting needed to get him started but once he tasted the icing and cake he was smitten. I think he must’ve thought ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven’, or whatever a 1 year old thinks.

cupcake, cake smash, Madden, 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Madden
I’m done, gimme more

Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without a picture of me with my lil buddy.

madden, Dwayne, cupcake, Happy Birthday Madden
I feel full

I believe a good time was had by all and I do have pictures to prove it. As I said, all (or most) of the photos taken will be posted in the gallery.

Being that Madden’s ‘real’ birthday is Mar. 10th this party was set up as an occasion that I could attend. I feel blessed Ayron changed the date for me, at least in part, as I will be out of town on the actual day and wouldn’t be able to attend if it was on the weekend of the 10th. I will be coming back from Tuscon, a trip I’m taking with my Mom so she can take in a book signing at the University. I’m sure proud of her, 3 books under her belt and more to come.

hugs, Madden, Mom, birthday
Madden and Mom

Here’s one of her with Madden. Whenever she would hug him her hearing aid would ‘squeal’ and he would put his ear to hers and listen to the sound. Cute, of course.

Visit with the Fam’

We are visiting our daughter and family again, can’t ever seem to get enough, especially with my grandson and lil buddy Madden. We had some great bonding time today, we went for a walk and even though it was cold enough to see your breath the chance to hang with the ‘Mad” made it worthwhile. I tell you, he warms the cockles of my heart.

20130126-210800.jpgWe’ll be back home tomorrow and take up life where we left off. I’ll get back to the routines of reading, writing, and relaxin’, sorry no ‘rithmatic.

I shall try to accomplish some of those tasks that have fallen through the cracks, that of updating the photos in the gallery, adding more pages of Charles Reeves memoir, and just generally trying to do a little bit of everything. The fun and games never ends, so much to do and so little time.

The weather here has been so so, better than many years in the past but not as good as some, and certainly not as nice as other areas of BC or Alberta. It’s the sun I miss, the inspiration and invigoration it gives me. It chases away the winter blahs and perks me up. I am so looking forward to spring, and I know it’s not good to wish away you life but come on I need some sun. Soon I’m told, soon.
grandmother, grandson, love

Hawaii then Home, More Work to Do

Dec.14.12 9:50 pm

If you’re following this blurb you’ll see not much has happened. We went to Hawaii for a week or so and my time spent since then has been….well, spent.

There were pictures to deal with (all 650 of them), and although they have been taken off my camera they are not yet edited or filed. As you can imagine most are of Madden and it is still my goal to create an album on this site with all manner of family photos and stuff.

I have, since our last chat, installed WordPress onto a subdomain of this one, another domain name I’ve purchased so I don’t lose it like I did with the Sklapsky.com domain name. That was only my own procrastination that caused that particular fubar. I will endeavour to NOT commit that particular sin again.

To that end I purchased the one domain name I liked (I’m considering pros and cons of divulging the name) and am seriously thinking of buying another. Stay tuned.

At this time I’m thinking of installing WordPress on this site as well. It is a much cleaner interface and will (read that as should) minimize any mucking about I need to do in order to make this site legible. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this process of web site building/developing it’s that no change is small and the changes all interact to make one big CF if you do something wrong.

Hang in there we’ll see. ps by the way, if you come to the site please let me know.


Made Some Progress

Oct.28.12 11:42 am

I’ve made some progress and while it may seem small to others it is interesting to me and provides me with some positive feedback. One of my successes was that I was able to create a photo gallery that actually works. I created the gallery in Lightroom and uploaded some photos of Madden using the same software. I worked very well and I was happy with the initial results. My project now will be to create the appropriate hyperlinks and place them in a logical spot(s).