Busy Summer So Far

Many apologies for the gap between my posts, it’s been an action packed summer and there’s been either little time available, or a diminishing energy in the available time, to sit down and write. I also often feel like all I do is apologize here so I will attempt to change that. So there, I’m not sorry.

So far this summer vacation we’ve either been camping, visiting Kelowna, or out and about gallivanting to other locales. This past week we’ve had some quiet time at home and so far we are relishing it. Our original plan was to go to the GoodGuys car show in Spokane Wash. this weekend but we ran out of steam and said “Hey, let’s do something different and just stay home”. So we did.

There have also been very few calls about Dad this week, or requirements for attention, and that helps. It seemed I was making frequent trips in to see him and either take him to the Doctor or the hospital. Thankfully he is at his home now and let’s hope it stays that way for a while. He is having more and more challenges walking due to a numbness in his right leg. That could be due to a pinched nerve in his back or it’s possible he’s suffered another minor stroke. Whatever the cause it is handicapping him even more and making him prone to stumble and fall, of which he’s done enough lately, thank you very much.

As I mentioned we’ve made a number of trips to Kelowna to see the kids and while I thoroughly enjoy it I also miss the quiet and solitude of home. I think I must be becoming a curmudgeon or something, my old age (joke) is starting to show in my love of just sitting in my rocking chair and smoking my pipe. To be truthful I have neither a rocker nor a pipe but the analogy stands, I like my space and being away limits my options to write, putter in the yard, or read. And I’m not complaining either. I know I have a great life!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being with the fam and after even a week away from them I’m looking at pictures of them and wishing I were there. Ah….., the inconsistencies of life.

We have also been camping, a few times, sometimes alone and once with some friends from Japan. Our friend Yuzo brought his 13 year old daughter Lisa to Canada from Japan. It was her first time here and he brought her to broaden the English skills she’s acquiring in school. Yuzo was once one of our homestay students for a brief time, taking the ESL course (English as a Second Language) at Selkirk College. We tried to fill their visit with some memorable occasions, tours of Mission Hill winery, camping, and of course dinner at the Colander. Lisa loves Justin Bieber and at the Colander we were fortunate to be served by a Justin lookalike.

For camping we were very fortunate to get one of the best sites at Syringa, totally by luck and Maureen’s hard work (I also think Karma). Lisa thought the water in the lake was a bit chilly but it was sure refreshing on the hot days.

Maureen and I certainly had a great week as well and loved spending time with both Yuzo and Lisa. It’s been about 11 years or so since I saw Lisa last, the last time was during my visit to their home in 2001. Lisa was just a toddler then, and as evidenced by the photos below she created a new way to signal “peace”. We used that method numerous times during their trip. Yuzo has come ‘home’ to Castlegar to visit a few times.

So when all is said and done “a good time was had by all”. I look forward to our next visit, perhaps it will be there. Only time will tell.

Visit with the Fam’

We are visiting our daughter and family again, can’t ever seem to get enough, especially with my grandson and lil buddy Madden. We had some great bonding time today, we went for a walk and even though it was cold enough to see your breath the chance to hang with the ‘Mad” made it worthwhile. I tell you, he warms the cockles of my heart.

20130126-210800.jpgWe’ll be back home tomorrow and take up life where we left off. I’ll get back to the routines of reading, writing, and relaxin’, sorry no ‘rithmatic.

I shall try to accomplish some of those tasks that have fallen through the cracks, that of updating the photos in the gallery, adding more pages of Charles Reeves memoir, and just generally trying to do a little bit of everything. The fun and games never ends, so much to do and so little time.

The weather here has been so so, better than many years in the past but not as good as some, and certainly not as nice as other areas of BC or Alberta. It’s the sun I miss, the inspiration and invigoration it gives me. It chases away the winter blahs and perks me up. I am so looking forward to spring, and I know it’s not good to wish away you life but come on I need some sun. Soon I’m told, soon.
grandmother, grandson, love

Betwixt and Between

Here we are, the middle of the Christmas/New Years holiday season with no place to go. It ain’t so bad though, it’s not like I have a shortage of things to do. One thing I’m not and that’s bored.

[PiwigoPress id=553 url=’http://sklapsky.ca/gallery/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’alignleft’ img-shadow]Our company has left the building, the kids have gone home.  Our daughter Ayron and family were here for 3 days and while I enjoyed their company it was an action packed time.  Perhaps not so action packed as many others have had during the holiday but for me anything that removes me from my chair for more than a couple hours constitutes ‘action’.

Now that makes it sound like I’m a lazy sloth, and don’t worry I’ve felt that myself on more than a few occasions. I should truly adopt increased physical fitness as one of my New Years resolutions but realistically I’m not a big believer in that concept (resolutions, not fitness). My retirement will have to bring all manner of change to my life if I want to survive past my 60th birthday.

I pick that age rather arbitrarily, could be 65 or 75 for that matter.  The bottom line is life is about change and I intend to live ‘life’, thus must change.  That would include not only improving my physical fitness but also my mental acuity and cognitive functions. My use of big words helps me in that regard, LOL.

At any rate the holidays are almost passed.  We have a number of movies to watch, I have tons of web site and gallery development to do, LOTS of books, and even a smattering of crosswords.  Maureen (my wife) has her interests to occupy her time and together we may see a movie or two.

Tonight it’s Colander. For those not ‘in the know’ Colander is a local legend, an Italian restaurant that’s been operating for 30+ years.  An addiction for those who’ve sampled her wares, a treat for those who haven’t.

So signing off for now. Please leave any comments if you feel so inclined, I’m always up for suggestions.