– Charles Reeves Memoir, Page Additions and Updates

Charles Reeves Page Additions, and updates:

There have been a few page additions and updates to the site. Most have been around the memoir of Charles Reeves, my gr gr grandfather on dad’s side. A number of additional pages have been added with more of his story and you can see the current list here. I hope to get some more photos posted soon as well.

Reading his memoir is very interesting and when I actually think about what their lives were like it back in the late 1800’s it makes me appreciate mine even more. I recently got an email from one of his daughters, Aurla, who now lives in Western Washington. She is only one of the two surviving ‘children’ of Charles and Ida.

There have also been some small changes to the site layout and formatting. Some make the site more legible (I think) and some are just for sh**s and giggles. I’m having fun learning more about not only WordPress itself but also php files, SEO (search engine optimization), and just general website administration. Something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m retired I have more time. Not a lot more time, but more time I choose to dedicate to the cause.

No Action

According to Google Analytics there has been virtually NO traffic on either the Blog or website. There have been a few hits on the Gallery, I suspect originating in Kelowna.

In order to determine shortcomings of each of those sites I’ve been looking at the whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing, looking for ways to improve the site and increase traffic. First off you have to make an interesting site, I think this is at least in part where I fall down.

Obviously there is work to do.

Blog is proceeding

Jan.14.13 07:36 pm

I know I said I wouldn’t post here but in the interests of time I’ll say the blog is proceeding,

I am trying to post there somewhat regularly. I am still trying to wrap my head around the best way to put information out there without becoming an onerous task for me.

I am still considering morphing the blog into the website, or visa versa, to minimize the number of pages and streamline the editing process.I am also “waaayyy” behind in posting photos in the gallery. It appears to be working ok although until I get a larger number of photos in the “public” gallery there won’t be too much to see.

Betwixt and Between

Here we are, the middle of the Christmas/New Years holiday season with no place to go. It ain’t so bad though, it’s not like I have a shortage of things to do. One thing I’m not and that’s bored.

[PiwigoPress id=553 url=’’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’alignleft’ img-shadow]Our company has left the building, the kids have gone home.  Our daughter Ayron and family were here for 3 days and while I enjoyed their company it was an action packed time.  Perhaps not so action packed as many others have had during the holiday but for me anything that removes me from my chair for more than a couple hours constitutes ‘action’.

Now that makes it sound like I’m a lazy sloth, and don’t worry I’ve felt that myself on more than a few occasions. I should truly adopt increased physical fitness as one of my New Years resolutions but realistically I’m not a big believer in that concept (resolutions, not fitness). My retirement will have to bring all manner of change to my life if I want to survive past my 60th birthday.

I pick that age rather arbitrarily, could be 65 or 75 for that matter.  The bottom line is life is about change and I intend to live ‘life’, thus must change.  That would include not only improving my physical fitness but also my mental acuity and cognitive functions. My use of big words helps me in that regard, LOL.

At any rate the holidays are almost passed.  We have a number of movies to watch, I have tons of web site and gallery development to do, LOTS of books, and even a smattering of crosswords.  Maureen (my wife) has her interests to occupy her time and together we may see a movie or two.

Tonight it’s Colander. For those not ‘in the know’ Colander is a local legend, an Italian restaurant that’s been operating for 30+ years.  An addiction for those who’ve sampled her wares, a treat for those who haven’t.

So signing off for now. Please leave any comments if you feel so inclined, I’m always up for suggestions.

Another Christmas Photo

Ok, so here’s one family-type photo posted of the many taken. I put all of them up on the gallery site but depending on your access you may or may not be able to see the bulk of them. The gallery can be accessed from the site and it appears I should put a link on this site as well.

In this blogging process I frequently feel as if I’m talking to myself, or at best like Tom Hanks talking to the basketball in his movie “Castaway”. Is there anyone out there? No matter, I do it for myself as much as anything.


Snowy weather

The snow has assaulted us for the last few days. There has been a reprieve this morning but the piles of un-shovelled snow from previous dumps has beckoned me. Unfortunately my back is telling me that I’m not as young and virile (well, at least young) as I used to be.  Continued bombardment with exercise has enabled my aches to announce themselves, subtly if nothing else.

Accumulation of snow on our deck, with flowers blooming

I took this picture of the snow accumulation out on our deck.  I believe it was about 14+ inches, and that was over 3 days.  As you can see in the photo we still have flowers on the deck.  We do have awesome green thumbs after-all.

Clearing of this snow will be another of those tasks on the “to-do list”, as if there isn’t enough of those.  I seem to create as many jobs as I clear off, and I thought retirement would enable me to make the list disappear, by completing all those things that’ve hung over my head for years.  Time will tell I guess.

Website –

As far as the site goes I’ve made more progress on the Piwigo ‘Gallery‘, uploading hundreds of photos and trying to learn enough to begin generating log-ins and access for general users.  After all it does no good to have a gallery if nobody can see it.  At this time only my daughter Ayron, her husband Stefan, and my wife have full access.  Of course I have to sort the photos in the gallery in some fashion too, by determining which can/should be seen by John Q Public and which should not.  Another brick in my wall.

So as usual I’d love to hear from someone, anyone, if they’ve seen any of this stuff.  In the big picture perhaps it doesn’t matter, but realistically I think it does (at least to me).



Another Late One

Dec.15.12 11:48 pm

Well…., another late one. It’s not that I work on this all day/night, just that I tend to start later in the day and don’t get finished until at night.

I’ve updated the theme to something I like more, I hope you do too. It’s a tad dark so I may tune that up somehow but at least now it fills the page and looks more like a normal website. I’ve also tuned up some of the headers, titles, links, graphics, and I’m much more pleased. Aren’t you happy too?

  1. I deleted the ‘Updates’ page and menu link and added a ‘Gallery’ link, both in the top menu bar. There is little in the Gallery now but that will change.
  2. Fair warning here and now, this ‘News’ page likely won’t be updated much after this. I am going to start working on the blog, reached of course from the ‘Blog’ link on the main menu bar. Hopefully the menu bar remains where it is in any future themes I may apply to the site. That being said see you on the Blog.

The “Look” had changed


If you’ve seen the site before you may notice that the web “look” has changed. I’ve been changing the website templates trying to find something that works for me. Fonts, both size and style, have been altered in order to improve legibility. I’m still not happy and will likely be soliciting assistance. Any offers?