Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This weeks Photo Challenge is “Up”.

I chose a variety of shots, from one of my grandson Madden at his 1st birthday, to a few scenic shots I took over the last couple years. At least one would fall into the category of “phoneography”, those taken with my phone. Nice thing about it is that it’s always there.

The sun “Up” picture was taken on one of my morning walks. The feet “Up” shot was taken on the lanai when we stayed in Molokai a few years ago. I loved it there, I hope to go back some day.

The photo taken from “Up” high was shot from the rail line (a bike route) above Christina Lake, BC.

As always other Weekly Photo Challenge entrants can be viewed at “The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Colour, where do I start?

I love colour (black & white is cool too), heck I like it all. Especially if you can capture the richness and character you see by eye.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day (or 3) in My Life

I don’t know if we can do more than one day in our lives but here’s a few shots over the Easter weekend.

These first photos were taken on Good Friday, the day family started to arrive.

On Saturday more events were planned, culminating with a family dinner. Some of the photos were taken by Misty, my niece.

Sunday was the sweet finish to the ‘long’ weekend. We began with an Easter egg hunt for the kids and finished off with a great wiener roast and all the fixins’. Home made perogies and potato salad (Grandma S. recipe) were on hand, along with the smokies and dogs. My favourite cookie dessert and a fruit platter finished it off. Too bad I never got pictures of the food.

Weekly Phoneography Challenge: Neighborhood

What to do? I have not (as yet) entered a Photo Challenge (from this site), but there’s a first for everything.

This weeks photo challenge is really a ‘phoneography’ challenge, details are here.

Although the photo below is not a new photo it was taken with my phone. I was out for a walk and spotted this children’s toy fireman’s hat laying on the road. It drew me in somehow, I like shots like this.

fireman's hat, hat, fireman
Fireman’s hat

This is another one I thought was interesting. I manipulated it within my phone to exaggerate some of the colours.

bush, silver dollar
I think this is called a Silver Dollar bush

I hope you enjoy.