Family History

As I said somewhere, either in this blog or on the site, my intent is to research and display some of our family history. I have a vague sense of how I want this data to display, how I would like the information to be shown so it can be enjoyed by all. Saying that I guess it should also go without saying that I have to be cognizant of personal and family privacy and in no way do I want to overstep that boundary.

All that said I have received a copy of our Great Grandfather Charles Walter Reeves memoir, prepared (handwritten) originally by him in 1955. Subsequent to that (I’m told) it was typed, on a typewriter, by his daughter Eleanor while he was living with her and her husband Pearl.

I will post sections of that memoir as I proof and edit them, as during the conversion from typed to electronic there were a number of errors in character recognition and punctuation etc.. The sections will be all be in a new Category called Genealogy, reached from the menu bar at the top.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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