Weekly Phoneography Challenge: Neighborhood

What to do? I have not (as yet) entered a Photo Challenge (from this site), but there’s a first for everything.

This weeks photo challenge is really a ‘phoneography’ challenge, details are here.

Although the photo below is not a new photo it was taken with my phone. I was out for a walk and spotted this children’s toy fireman’s hat laying on the road. It drew me in somehow, I like shots like this.

fireman's hat, hat, fireman
Fireman’s hat

This is another one I thought was interesting. I manipulated it within my phone to exaggerate some of the colours.

bush, silver dollar
I think this is called a Silver Dollar bush

I hope you enjoy.


  1. Dwayne, I think either photo is contest worthy, but I’m more pulled in by the silver dollar bush one. The colours are gorgeous, don’t know what you did but they really pop. I can just imagine little elves or fairies living under all those leaves. Let us know if you enter any contests, especially if we can vote for our favourites.

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