Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day (or 3) in My Life

I don’t know if we can do more than one day in our lives but here’s a few shots over the Easter weekend.

These first photos were taken on Good Friday, the day family started to arrive.

On Saturday more events were planned, culminating with a family dinner. Some of the photos were taken by Misty, my niece.

Sunday was the sweet finish to the ‘long’ weekend. We began with an Easter egg hunt for the kids and finished off with a great wiener roast and all the fixins’. Home made perogies and potato salad (Grandma S. recipe) were on hand, along with the smokies and dogs. My favourite cookie dessert and a fruit platter finished it off. Too bad I never got pictures of the food.


  1. Loved your Easter pics Dwayne, so much fun when you can get family together. Uncle Dallas looks really good. I always show Mom all of your pictures when she comes over.

    1. Thanks for showing your Mom the photos. Now I know that I can put more photos on the site. Do you look at the gallery at all? I can put more family photos there too, and that’s better for me in some ways. That was my intent, I just get side-tracked easily.

  2. ‘Morning Dwayne, I do look forward to the emails alerting me that you have posted something new. After looking at the Easter photos, which are wonderful, I went to sklapsky.ca and looked at some of the other photos you have taken. You are a very talented photographer! The photos of the creek, the ones of the snowdrops, just gorgeous. I wish I had your patience for adjusting the time and shutter speed, you get some of the most beautiful photos. I’m so glad you have an interest that you can share with us.

    1. Good morning Beverly. Thanks for following, and liking the photos etc.. I seem to be having some website issues still as I have replied to you (on my phone) but it appears they haven’t gone out. Sorry about that.

      Are you getting notification you have replies?

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